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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 3, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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so busy being bearish that they missed the move. and now they run the risk of looking like idiots and losing their jobs. if they can't get more exposure to stocks at lower prices, so in one sense, i think the negativity is pure self-preservation. then another group of investors place more emphasis on certainty and intellectual purity. never been an issue with me. than they do making money. that's right. they would rather sacrifice money on the altar of consistency. these are the people who are convinced that things are bad. they've made up their mind. they won't consider any evidence to the contrary because to them that's not rigorous. they are certain that this rally is entirely and totally bogus. the whole thing. the whole thing from dow 65 money. the whole run up to 50% from a nasdaq bottom. they think it's bogus. these investors look for reasons
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to sell. when their old reasons stop making sense, they go out and find new ones. yeah. hey, cash for clunkers, stupid. stupid idea. all the earnings you saw, manufactured. no sales. whatever. they never asked themselves, hum. am i being too negative? they just keep on believing the same old thing even as the facts change. they think i'm arbitrary because i like it. there is such a thing as being too skeptical and certainly as being too certain. being a good investor is not about being 100% sure you're right about everything you believe. as a matter of fact, being 100% certain you're waiting for that, waiting for housing to turn huge, waiting for cars to go to 11 million? that's a great way to be dead wrong every time. instead it's about being flexible. rigor means flexibility. it's about taking risk based on previous patterns. it's about having a world view that can change because the facts change because you simply cannot afford to be certain.
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the people who have bowed to the god of certainty have been wrong for 2,800 points of upside on the dow. now, i am all for skepticism. i always want my optimism to be reined in by the facts, but right now there are just not enough facts to support going negative. i'm not saying that everyone who is pessimistic right now, and i emphasize right now about the market here, is either self-interestedly trying to talk down stocks in order to buy them lower or committed to intellectual consistency over making money because there are some very smart guys with legitimate criticisms of the market who are up huge and taking chips off the table. i totally respect that doug kass, my colleague at the, doug, who in nailed the bottom of the dow at 6,500, he's going negative. worrisome to me.
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i respected ron insana of cnbc fame who now writes the market movers newsletters, someone who has been extremely right about the market, has also turned bearish. holy cow. he liquidated his entire market movers portfolio at the opening this morning after making huge gains. these are not bears who stay bears. these are bulls who decided to cut. i listen. i hear. but i do not believe any pullback will be deep enough to merit bolting wholesale from stocks. both men see near-term turbulence that could send averages cascading down. here's my attitude. it's been the same since this rally began. i have to sgradi igradually scat of your winners as we go higher so you can buy them back when we have that sell off that insana or kass believes about to happen. if you're not taking some profits and selling in the strength, you're just being greedy. please do not leave this red hot table entirely. the fact is because the economy is going from less bad to actually good, this market
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demands and commands your respect. and tonight i am giving it the respect it deserves. ♪ hallelujah you don't want to try to get in front of this bull because you'll be chased down and gored pamplona style. forget the endless litany of negatives. how about the positives? rates are staying low while the economy improves. that's not supposed to happen. copper is off and running again. the two-week hiatus, remember? everyone said sell all the cyclicals. china's appetite for raw materials was supposed to have been sated. turns out that's not true. china, still pumping out jobs and cash. money still pouring in from the sidelines. the action off that money is beautiful. auto sales are jumping from an 11 million car buildup from 8 million. ford is leading the charge, having up numbers month over -- year over year, unbelievable. that's in part because of the brilliant cash for clunkers program i don't even think obama
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had anything to do with. that other stimulus, the pelosi stimulus was a big waste of time. here's something that works. of course, the bears tell you it's like bad for the environment and expensive. guys, give me a break. housing prices are stabilizing across the country and more homes are being sold, but of course everybody who's got a mouth piece lives in new york and their house keeps going down so they decide the whole nation is awful. hey, my house lost 16% so the whole nation's awful. boast of all the troika is back, remember the three in one trinity, the holy stock trinity of banks, oil and tech? they're back leading the market higher. the same three groups that got this rally going back in march are now back. tech is all about the economic tsunami that won't quit. think apple, iphone. excellent tech earnings. semiconductors roaring. the banks are the biggest winners off the stabilization in real estate. enormous exposure to the turn in the economy. wells fargo, bank of america. two of my favorite rebound plays.
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especially now that cramer face sally krawcheck is back doing what she knows so well at bank of america. wealth management. i like bank of america and wells fargo so much my charitable trust owns them both. two banks, and now the oils which have taken more of a beating than a breather lately. back. back and bigger than ever with the prices of crude and natural gases soaring. not only is the dollar going down which we like and people like hard commodities when the greenback drops but because chevron is shutting in its mammoth natural gas production. that's causing natural gas to wake up from its silent but deadly slumber and at least break out to the upside. this is the kind of leadership that ain't quitting, and the oil and oil services are now ready to power higher. coming out of the best july since 1997, i think we're pretty amazing shape. no one else is saying this. i'm the only guy who says i really like it here. everybody else wants to caveat to death. i don't know. maybe i missed it. i hope it pulls back. no. i like it. and remember what happened after the last time we had such a long
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upstreak in 1996? a gigantic move. higher. right on its heels. here's the bottom line. i need you to forget -- i'm not asking you to be the manchurian candidate. i'm just saying don't be brainwashed. forget the endless litany of negatives. that's just what it is. it's endless. the negative nancys will never stop coming up with reasons to dislike this market. even as it is, maybe the strongest bull market i've ever seen. that doesn't mean i don't think we're in for a gentle pullback now and then. always happens in august and september. these are endemic to a bull market. it doesn't mean you shouldn't sell. take some profits by selling in the strength here or don't be a pig but it does mean you had better believe in this rally and give the bulls some respect if you don't want to get stampeded. okay. maybe it's a rally in the midst of an aretha franklin r-e-s-p-e-c-t bull market, dangerfield, franklin. what's not to like? why don't we start with jane in
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new york. jane? >> caller: boo-ya, jim. a pleasure to speak with you today. >> same to you, jane. way to start off the week with an excited boo-ya caller. that's what we want. what's up? >> caller: i really like your energy. >> thank you. >> caller: speaking of energy, what is going on with my first solar stock? it had great earnings, and now it's tanking. >> it's taking a breather, jane. come on. it can make a comeback. we all thought obama would have more power on the solar issue. we favor solar on every roof. that's part of the cramerica manifesto. i think first solar will be back. it's the only one that doesn't need government subsidy and oil is going higher. i'm not worried. yes i admit i'm the televangelist for money. they did acknowledge my existence which i thought was saying something. all right. let's go to matt in texas. >> caller: first-time caller. boo-ya. >> first time long time. we haven't had a first time in a long time? what's up? >> caller: in real money you mentioned selling a stock when a ceo or cfo leaves suddenly.
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i'm a pilot with continental airlines. the ceo recently caught a lot of people off guard by announcing he will be leaving the company at the end of the year. what do you think this means for the stock, the airline, and do you think the resignation has anything to do with a future merger? >> well, i have to tell you he is a great man, and i tell you that because he's about the only airline that's really solvent other than southwest. now let me also say this. i'd never recommend an airline on this show. i never will. i think it's written in my contract. jim cramer will never recommend an airline. i don't really care if he's leaving or staying. i do care from the point of view that i fly out of newark airport afternoon -- and i use continental a lot, but that's the extent. i'm not going to push the stock whether he stays or goes. i do not have respect for the airlines but i do for the bull. nasdaq up 27% for the year. you must give this bull some respect. and this guy? take that, joker.
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stay with cramer. >> coming up, with a weak dollar looming over the market all week cramer is going global. tonight jim heads to brazil to give you a pair of power plays that could put the sparks back in your portfolio. plus, which media monster could be poised to make a major turnaround? cramer's tuned into one stock that could be your ticket to get some premiere profits. and later, jim goes fast and furious as he faces a non-stop barrage of calls giving stock after stock their final verdict on "the lightning round." all coming up on "mad money." at 155 miles per hour, andy roddick
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if you think our nation is
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going down the wrong course, or you're just sick of hearing about how bad things are here, and tired of watching america get pantsed by none other than the chicoms, it's time for you to take an investing vacation -- an investing vacation overseas. tonight i'm creating the "mad money" foreign legion. that's right. we're going traveling. every day this week we'll be enlisting new stocks because right now i think it's just irresponsible not to have some international exposure in the portfolio. why? we need to add some foreign stocks to the mix as insurance against the dollar getting weaker. something i believe will happen. or inflation coming our way, something i'm less scared of because of cramer faith in ben bernanke. just because i think it's less likely doesn't mean you shouldn't have some protection from it. where can we find more security? not just foreign stocks but
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foreign dividend payers. only the best companies can be admitted to cramer's foreign legion and just like it, every stock dead or alive must do its part to make you money. you know how much we love high yielders on this show. and that goes just as much for companies overseas as for home grown ones. we ran a screen to start. we looked at all the names we could. what were the criteria? we with looking for adr, american depository receipts, stocks that trade here on the new york stock exchange and nasdaq and we wanted them with market capitalizations of over a billion dollars and yields over 3%. then i winnowed down the list further keeping only the companies which i liked the fundamentals. the results? we'll unveil them throughout the week as we create a foreign diversified dividend portfolio. i would put 20% of your
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portfolio in foreign stocks as protection against weakness in the united states. and a recognition that we are simply no longer in control of our own destiny as much as we once were. because of our massive budget deficit, our low growth and, yes, our potentially higher tax regime. the first area i like? brazil. brazilian utilities. where i found not just one but two stocks that i believe are worth owning for high yielding international exposure right now. regardless of what happens to the brazilian economy, this quickly developing nation is going to need a lot of power. that makes brazilian utilities the stable source of revenue and cash. allowing you to pay solid dividends. that's what we want. at the same time having more growth than any american utility i can find including dominion, con ed, including exelon. plus, they're linked to brazilian fundamentals. a weaker dollar means a stronger brazilian currency which means higher praises for brazilian adrs because of the currency
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translation. how about layman's terms? even if business is only so-so for these brazilian things i'll highlight, as long as the dollar keeps getting weaker, these companies could go higher. the utility business may not be as exciting as carnivale, but it sure makes you a whole lot more money. you get the point. there's a belief among investors we are in real trouble in the united states. you know that. you see it. and we got to find the bull market somewhere even if we have to tie our arms by flying all the way down to rio. forget the land of lincoln, i say. we want to go to the land of gisele. chew that up. that's good for the numbers. we have in this country, of course, a government of, by, and for the people. one of the reasons why investors are now so concerned about investing in the united states. but in brazil, on the other
11:18 pm
hand, they got a much more enlightened government of, by, and for botox. what of my first two favorite stocks here, the first two members of my foreign legion? first, there's cplf energia, cpl for you home gamers. this is the largest distributor of electricity in the country, roughly 13% market share. it's got a huge dividend. it's one of the lowest operating costs in the power distribution business. 140 reals per customer is low. 200 per customer for its competitors. the company is expanding its power generation business with a lot of new projects rolling out in 2010, 2011. that gives you more growth. on top of reduced capital expenditures, higher free cash flow, could be higher dividends coming. we like this because it could make for a more secure dividend as it is. $3.72 a share in annual dividends from cpl, and that implies a 6.8% yield. given that it is expected to generate $5.40 in cash flow per
11:19 pm
share, it should have more than enough to cover that big dividend. even if the stock does not make, you reinvest these dividends, in ten years, the power of compounding you double your money. i say it's better than a sharp stick to the retina. how about if you want a little more choice? i got a second brazilian utility play with a high yield. another adr that should go up as the greenback gets weaker. this one is symbol sig like cigars, like a good gar. how much do my kids love it when i break out the gars, huh? all right. cig, the largest power company in brazil. you might balk at owning this one because it's government controlledc but there is a great story here. cig is about to enter a repricing cycle. repricing starting in 2010. sounds great to me. prices expected to rise from 93.8 real to 113.8 reals.
11:20 pm
believe me reals are a lot more real than the dollar these days. ask gisele. cig is locking in business at higher rates. something that should bolster profits and the cash flows the company uses to pay its 5.9% yield. cig recently bought a power transmission company, brought more stable cash flows, reduced the company's regulatory risk. even though cig is, get this, government controlled, it's shareholder friendly. the company's chairman has just reiterated its commitment to a higher payout policy. in brazil in that country the government makes you money. i don't see that happen a lot here. cig returns 50% of its earnings to shareholders. you know what i call that? that's a notoriously big dividend. i read that in the research i did. the current expected annual payout is 87 cents per adr. 5.9% yearly. that should grow as cig's profits increase. here's the bottom line. it's time that we go some places and take out the united states
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cramerica passport, join the foreign legion. if you believe the dollar will continue to weaken as i do, then you want to own some foreign adrs that should go higher as the greenback declines. all week i'll have these names. every day i'll roll out a few new ones. they're all foreign stock legions, but don't forget about cpl and cig, the two fabulous brazilian utilities with monumental yield. and yes, after the break i'll try to make you even more money. stay with cramer. coming up, which media monster could be poised to make a major turnaround? cramer's tuned into one stock that could be your ticket to some premiere profits. plus, try to keep up with cramer as he takes your calls rapid fire in an all-new "lightning round." and later cramer checks his in
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box on an all new "mad mail" all coming up on "mad money." fithe same tools the pros use,
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eight years that will probably go down in history as the single dumbest merger ever, the marriage of aol and time warner that destroyed $125 billion in shareholder equity. expensive wedding. time warner is back. this is a stock that i like based on the great man theory of investing. there are some ceos, truly transformational leaders, who come in with the right vision and can turn companies that were once i suppose best word to say blah into great investments.
11:26 pm
and ever since the beginning of 2008 when jeffrey bucchus took over as ceo of time warner, time warner has been under the kind of amazing management that we love on "mad money." >> all aboard. >> carnivale. it's not the easiest time in the world to be a media company. who wants to deal with television properties when you have to fight tooth and nail against a dvr in every home? even now that the advertising market seems to be inching its way back with the overall economy, that wouldn't be enough to recommend the stock if the ceo hadn't totally remade time warner in this short time. here is a guy who figured out what works. you know what works? whatever people will pay for. whatever is known as premium. whatever cannot be tivoed is a win. everything else unless it's ultra cheap is a loser.
11:27 pm
i think he gets this because he comes from running hbo one of time warner's best properties. at the same time he adopted a cable model that is endlessly re-runable material so it pays for itself many times over. for cheap news and talk shows, he's got those. cnn, tbs, cartoon network, some of time warner's biggest basic cable companies can run some of this stuff over and over. movies where warner brothers is the number one player in the country, 21% market share, are also premium. we shell out a lot of money to go to movies. anything that people have to pay for is a worthwhile business. anything that's free, bewkes wants nothing to do with. smart guy. time warner's top notch film and cable properties are the new focus because bewkes knows how to get rid of his losers. no sacred cows. he has shed all the free stuff, or no gross stuff, offloaded the stuff where the competitive landscape is too difficult.
11:28 pm
i'm telling i he's going to be visionary about this time warner cable. it's going to be going head-to-head with verizon. i don't know who is going to win. all i know is there are too many guns being brought to too many knife fights in the cable business. aol spun off into its own public enterprise. what's left after that should be a lean, mean, media machine with premium properties. one that i think will be able to get a higher priced earnings multiple from the street because investors are willing, always willing to pay more for the higher quality earnings of time warner's remaining properties. plus for the first time since the aol wedding that should have been pronto, money managers can finally understand what twx stands for. bewkes in some ways unlike everyone else in the entertainment industry was dealt a hand with such low expectations that rather than pit him against the other guys in entertainment you could argue he simply turned time warner into a company that is merely not as bad as it used to be, and, therefore, the stocks are
11:29 pm
still okay. uh-huh. i think this is a case where someone came into a bad situation and did more, much more than just make things better. bewkes is the real deal. i don't know him at all. he's the only guy in the media business i don't know. he looks like a cool guy. after years of lassitude at time warner he has figured it out and turned the company into what investors want, a pure play on entertainment that consumers will pay for with the best properties in the business. time warner, castle rock, new line, the best movie company out there. in 2008 warner brothers broke the all-time studio record. they made $1.8 billion. that was in a year where people weren't exactly feeling great about spending money going to the big movies. time warner knows just two things. one, how to pump out blockbusters and two, how to make the most money out of the blockbusters by keeping production costs lower than just about everyone else. time warner made "the hangover" the highest grossing r-rated comedy ever in the united states, and a cramer five to
11:30 pm
boot even though i swore i wouldn't like it going in. how about the "harry potter" franchise? how many times can kids watch it? over and over. latest movie grossing $150 million first five days in july. a new strategy, fewer films into a crowded marketplace focusing on bigger movies especially those with comic book tie-ins where there are huge cross market opportunities and low cost production. there's that strategy again. time warner is focusing on churning out blockbusters, cutting back on films that don't look like they'll make as much money. i know that doesn't sound visionary. it's common sense, but there hasn't been a lot of common sense in that industry. cnn, huge franchise, both on air and online and online it makes a lot of money because it has a lot of critical mass. i think cnn needs to be brought up like yahoo because of the strength of its website now that yahoo has diluted its search engine by inking the questionable deal with microsoft. what a diplomat i am to call that questionable. the quarter time warner reported last week can give you a pretty good picture what have this company will look like going forward. the company trounced earnings
11:31 pm
thanks to cost cuts. sales came in less than expected. who's different? the weakness in revenues largely came from aol down 24% and that's being pushed off. publishing down 22%. that is the wild card left at time warner. as a print journalist of old time as an ink stand guy,this is a tough one for me. things were good for time warner's network division. sales up 5%, huge believe me. advertising revenue holding up nice. strong ratings for turner cable properties. the company said that near-term outlook for advertising market was positive. most executives haven't said that. suggestions that signs of stabilization are starting to emerge. if we get a recovery in advertising you got a $32 to $34 stock here. as networks are reporting revenue up over the last quarter and the film business news was mixed. strong theatrical releases helped. soft home video. down 24%. hum. that's it. time warner thinks the home video business will improve by the fourth quarter. new harry potter film and "hangover." i am dubious.
11:32 pm
i think purchasing dvds are dead. who am i to disagree with bewkes? he's been right the whole time. aol is getting spun off. mark,publishing. this is one part of the business i'm not sure of. the company has a huge stable of the best magazines in the world, talking about "time" and "people" and "sports illustrated." the business is getting killed because of declining subscription revenue and declining ad sales. i don't know what i'd do with this publishing business but for now i'm happy knowing this has been effectively cordoned off and is being treated like a legacy business while time warner focuses more on the stronger content and distribution assets. i like the magazine brands and believe they can still be monetized effectively, especially "people" and "sports illustrated," both of which i love to read. companies can change their stripes. for years after the awful aol merger time warner drifted along without a clue as to what it should be doing and then jeffrey
11:33 pm
bewkes took over as ceo and started remaking the company throwing the losers like aol overboard, focusing on the company's fabulous cable and film companies, what people pay for. time warner is a company that reinvented itself becoming an entertainment powerhouse, the one that i think the big mutual fund and portfolio managers will all say buy, buy, buy. jason in new york? jason. >> caller: boo-ya, jim. how are you? >> not bad. thank you for asking. how are you today? >> caller: jim, great. i'm looking at verizon. i love its big dividends. homework,what i noticed was cablevision. they've got a lot of debt but the bulls are calling for it to go to the high 30s and what do you think? verizon or cablevision? >> verizon is certainly on a pure play. got a lot of land line business, you also have broads and wireless half of that. cablevision is a poorly run company and i don't want to be in bed with that management. verizon is incredibly well run and one of the best managers in the country. i go with verizon.
11:34 pm
i pocket that yield. the stock is going to come down a little bit. it's a defensive stock. it's up very quickly from 29 and people reported it was a good quarter. people said it was a bad quarter because the stock was off like 40 cents. don't believe it. verizon is an up stock. how about matt in virginia? matt. >> caller: greetings, mr. cramer and a big navy boo-ya to ya. >> absolutely. go, navy. beat army just for purposes of the segment. >> caller: thanks for having me on the show. >> thank you. >> caller: my question is about shanda interactive entertainment. >> red hot stock. >> caller: this has been a good chinese and tech stock. the problem is it's dwindling recently,and i don't know what the problem is. great earnings report. >> the earnings were okay. look. let's understand. china is up 88%. we have a lot of props taking china. shonda comes under the category of individual chinese stocks that i'm not going to recommend on this show. i'm going to recommend the fxi
11:35 pm
if i have to recommend chinese. china uni com is the only stock that is from china i would ever own. these from that's my charitable trust. i send out my bulletins say ing china uni com is the only chinese individual stock i feel comfortable owning. don't forget they have the big apple deal to sell the iphone. a lot of people in china making calls. how about kevin in illinois? kevin. >> caller: hi, jim. boo-ya from the south loop of chicago. >> holy cow. a white sox boo-ya? they got a good pitcher there. >> caller: white sox. actually i spoke to you about a month ago on the lightning round about wwe. >> yeah. >> caller: and wrestling. i actually have stock in that and my question being that "monday night raw" is the longest, most watched show in cable tv history. >> absolutely. you're right. >> caller: and the recent battle for control over that program
11:36 pm
between wwe owner vince mcmahon and your friend donald trump with the abundance of media and merchandise marketing that wwe generates,could this be an attempt to promote media exposure? every company out there is doing anything possible to get the consumer's money. or does it show a total lack of direction? >> no, no. the problem isn't lack of direction. the mcmahons are very shareholder friendly, and they do a good job. the problem is not enough growth. i need to see oxygenated growth to recommend that stock,and they don't have it. it has a good yield. i can get that from owning dominion power. dominion resources now. i need to see growth. they don't have it. certain companies can change their stripes. i think jeffrey bewkes has reinvented twx. i never thought i'd say this because i haven't liked twx for a long time. this is an up stock. i would get long. stay with cramer. next, try to take up with
11:37 pm
cramer as he takes your calls rapid fire in an all new "lightning round." plus e-mail us at and jim could answer you on the air on an all new "mad mail." all coming up on "mad money." welcome to the now network.x population: 49 million.
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it is time for "the lightning round." what's that about? well, you name the stock. i tell you whether you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. the callers? i don't know them. the stocks? i don't know them. you've got to trust me. we play until you hear this
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sound and then "the lightning round" is over. are you ready, skeedaddy. let's start with becky in minnesota. >> caller: hi, jim. this is becky sending you a minnesota boo-ya. >> i've been to rochester. what's up? it's gorgeous. >> caller: i bought bke. >> you got the strongest retail in the show other than aeropostale. who am i to say that company -- i would pull the trigger. once again will blow out the monthly numbers. pull the trigger. buckle is a superior retailer. andrew in new york? >> caller: boo-ya, cramer. i'm in lake george, new york. >> man, lake george. coldest, clearest lake in the world. i love it. what's up? >> caller: after a weekend of research as you teach about in your book i came across an article from april saying this company was seeking approval to install a natural gas pipeline. is it a buy? >> yes. good yield. i like the company.
11:42 pm
it's well run. i think that's an excellent company. i think you should put some of that into your portfolio. tom in pennsylvania? tom. >> caller: hey, jimmy, this is tom from pennsylvania. >> good to have you on the show, my good friend. what's up? >> caller: what's up? i don't know but i know gold is down in florida. how you doing? >> not bad. how about you? >> caller: boo-ya. >> how about a stock? >> caller: this is also the home of your friend tony francona of the boston red sox. >> no, no. that's charlie manuel. that's okay. what's up? it's serge doing better than the other one royal caribbean. i am not going to get buying carnival when i can recommend a much more situation, one that i
11:43 pm
ref and stay mad for life, you buy one share for a kid, disney. disney. what a great franchise. the stock holds up well. russ els in kansas. >> caller: by boo-yah from north texas. >> we have west texas, east texas, north texas first time welcome to the show. >> caller: thank you very much. my question is about ford motor company. symbol f. >> all right. al mullally is the real deal, an unbelieve ceo. he's terrific. that month over month, year over year the july figures were beautiful. i think toyota is going to have to come and sit down at the table with ford. i think ford makes the best cars in the country right now. but i prefer the ford preferred to the ford common,and i believe if ford does an equity offering like they did,that beautiful one they did in foreign change, you'll make more money in preferred. two thumbs up.
11:44 pm
he may be the best ceo in america. philip in nebraska. >> caller: jim, big midwest boo-ya to you, buddy. >> liking it, maybe nebraska versus oklahoma this year. might see me at that game. what's up? >> caller: the symbol is mtz. >> i like quantum more but if we're going to put down wind mills everywhere and make the grid better,mtz will get a play. pick some up here. buy, buy, buy. jeff in ten z? jeff. >> caller: big boo-ya, jim, from memphis. >> memphis. oh, man. what a basketball town. what's up? >> caller: what's your thought on dow chemical? >> i underestimated them. when they did the job i thought it was a terrible merger. it was a great wealth destroyer. he has since cut costs, did a giant equity offering which was a good one. the stock is up from nine and doubled. yet because of the gigantic natural gas bill, about $4, dow
11:45 pm
can go higher but remember we like ppg which i earn for, my charitable trust. it has been a much better performer. david in florida? >> caller: big boo-ya from boca raton. >> i saw a place, i literally saw a place today still on the web, 2.6 million now cut to $800,000. right next to boca. it faces the west side, and it has no kitchen floor. >> wynn resorts. >> it's a $70 stock masquerading as a $50 stock. mgm reporting that terrible number, everybody panicked and they dumped wynn. what are they idiots? wynn closes down lbs? no. mgm no. wynn? best in show. stick with wynn. stick with cramer!
11:46 pm
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think it's important. and he was saying there were jc penney ads and they didn't even mention the flagship store in manhattan. that worries me. i think they have lost their way, but i did see that upgraded. and by the way, the 1,000% deet, that stuff really works. here's one from aaron, j.c., i know you like the mobile internet. yes, i do. but what do you think of the mobile internet market with electronic arts be a good play? it's an okay play. i don't like the video game business, everything about the video game business has turned down. this one is from t.s. hey, t.j. back in 2008 i sold my shares of
11:51 pm
darling, d.a.r. at close to $15, since then they have gone back down to the single digits. can i get back in as a long-term play on commodity pricing? this company retreads a lot of bad commodities. kind of large stuff. no, d.a.r., happy to have them on the show, but i think the stock's a dead stock, you made the money, congratulations. don't look back, but "mad money's" back after the break. don't get mad, get even. more "mad money." catch cramer at 6:00 and 11:00 eastern on cnbc. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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11:54 pm
two of my figures, ron insana and doug kass go negative, but i stay positive. i think any putback is shallow. i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. great to be back. see you tomorrow. undefeated professional boxer floyd "money" mayweather
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the s&p 500 surging above the 1000 level. the question did it keep going. welcome it to "fast money." we've live from the nasdaq market site. i'm in for melissa lee. these are your experts. "fast money" traders in place and do we have a big show for you today. guy adami and the boss. i wondered if we'd get a picture. >> maybe they're still out partying. >> they are in las vegas. live from the strip. no word at the end of that. later, rick santelli gives us his economic forecast and moments from now a key announcement from the senate on cash for clunkers. we'll have that for you live. it could be a breakthrough. first let's talk about the rally and the word on the street and the big question can be this. >> the rally. this thing just keeps going.
11:59 pm
it surprises everyone i think heading into this week most people including myself, if you told me on monday we were going to surge in the s&p above 1000 with unemployment staring us in the face on friday, very surprised about that, and it puts the pressure, erin, it puts the pressure on portfolio managers because you've got to be in the market. now it becomes about asset allocation and now you have to actually allocate those assets before unemployment. >> i think you asked me on friday and i was the only who stood here and said why not go through a 1,000 psychological barrier, who cares. the market has to be allocated. so much money is going to work. i think we can talk about where we see that plus we're getting the data. the china pmi, vehicle sales. we're seeing that reasonably people are going to upgrade gdp, and guys are scared to death to be on the sideline so this rally obviously has a lot of people offsides to it >> how is it that everybody wasn't in, steve, that's going to get in? forget fundamentals whether you believe in it or not. >> you know what i didn't see today that i saw all last week and the week before? shorts. every time we rally in this market shorts piled on.


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